February 17, 2009

Well, making sure that this semester’s tuition got paid turned into a major clusterfuck.  While I’m sitting and waiting for Federal Student Aid that will never come (apparently, I don’t meet the credit hour requirement for the loan I was applying for – again, information that would have been good to know months ago), CSU is starting to get ants in their pants because they’re not getting paid.

My favorite part of the whole experience was calling what was introduced to me as the campus operator, asking to be transfered to the Financial Aid office, and having the guy tell me, “Well, I can help you with that.”  Not helping direct my call, but actually fulfilling my financial aid needs.  I felt like I went to the local bait shop for some legal advice.

So, here I am again, zero-hour mode, frantically trying to get the paperwork pushed for a Stafford loan, hoping that I can plead my sob story to the treasurer so that I don’t get nailed with late fees on the tuition payment.  Ugh, you’d have thought that since I’m turning 25 in a month, I would have learned to have gotten my shit together better.

Oh, and for anyone that is interested, you can check out this blog post, the subject of which is causing a little furor amongst various constituents in Cleveland.  Basically, as a CSU student, I get the privilege of paying $25 for unlimited public transit access.  Which would be cool, I guess, except that I live in Geauga county, which has no public transit, and therefore, no connection with the public transportation for Cuyahoga county, and there’s no opt-out for the fee.  …Great.

So, while I’m down at CSU this Friday, begging for mercy at the treasurer’s office, maybe I can wheedle my way out of this ridiculous bus thing.