Floral Moratorium

The Boy and I pretty much use any holiday as an excuse to get each other gifts, but over the years, it’s become more about getting something that the other wants, as opposed to the vestiges of a commercialized or faux holiday (I’m looking right at you, Sweetest Day: you know what you are).  I know I really like to get him something fun, unique, and in some cases, useful.

I want to say that I was the fine, upstanding, green individual who placed a moratorium on Valentine’s day flowers.  This is not true, though – The Boy has not purchased flowers for me in years, so really, he’s partially to blame for my lack of flowers.

But really, when I got down to it, I realize that his laziness is my blessing.  Instead of having flowers that die in a week, I could have the same amount of money spent on me and get to keep it for a lot longer.  I guess I have my priorities in the right place.  In addition to putting the kibosh on flowers, no candy, either: I end up throwing a lot of them away.  I’m just not that into chocolate.  (Zebra Cakes, however, and I think that would be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.  It’s the simple things, really.)

I just don’t know what to do with a stuffed puppy holding a heart that says “I Wuff You.”  I’ve always had this problem personifying inanimate objects.  My heart just rips out of my chest when I look into those soulful, lifeless, button eyes, when I even think of throwing it away because I have no room for it.  I just die.

So, the Valentine’s Day gift has been bought for The Boy, and he bought his gift for me.  I was good, though, and haven’t ruined this surprise, like I’ve ruined a thousand surprises before.  Neither one of us knows what the other bought, but both of us got something the other has wanted for a while, and we know will go to good use.