Education Update

Classes have been going well so far.  The first night, my father went with me so that I wouldn’t get disoriented around campus/downtown Cleveland (I love my town, but I hate going downtown – too confusing, too busy).  The second night, I got stuck for 15 minutes on the corner of 17th and Euclid, just waiting to get into the parking lot.  Today, I had gotten into work ungodly early (had to drop my father off at work today), so I left at about 4 so I wouldn’t get stuck in traffic again.  I was on campus by 4:30, with nothing to do.  …I can’t win.

Though, I will say, it is really, really cool to walk across the enclosed walk-bridge and see the city laid out beneath me and around me.  I stopped for about ten minutes tonight on my way back to the parking lot and watched cars pass under the bridge.

Right now, the class is moving way too fast – I can’t keep up.  The professor uses different terms than in the text, and his lecture coverage is the same as the amount of pond you cover if skipping a stone across it.  It’s all blips, I’m not really happy.

I barely passed finance the first time I took it, and it’s looking like I’ll be pulling myself across the finish line by my fingernails again.  But, I’m determined to be competitive with The Boy for Masters’ Degrees’s grades, so I’m going to bust my ass all the way through this class, even if it kills me.