Stycky Ticky

Around here at StyckyWycket, I’m very lucky that I can get any/all of my graphic work done in-kind through The Boy.

In addition to his education degree, he has a degree in art with a concentration in Computer Art.  Part of how I got into art school was that my portfolio had some graphic images that I had done in my spare time in college.  But, I always felt that my “artistic vision” was slightly compromised as far as implementation was concerned.  I’m lucky because I can spell out roughly what my “vision” is for my design, and The Boy makes it happen.

The earlier masthead that you saw was also designed by The Boy.

StyckyWycket Masthead 1

All I told him as guidance was, “I want something red, and I want something grungish.”  Which, when you’re an artist in the field, having a client tell you that is saying, “I have nothing for you, can’t you just pull something out of your ass?  By the way, I’ll hate everything you create, because I have no idea what I want – why aren’t you reading my mind?”

These are the clients that force you to leave the art profession and become baristas.

Anyway, for this masthead, I wanted a ticket, and I wanted something circusesque, I wanted vintage-y style colors.  As you can see, there’s no accounting for the creative process, because this is what I got, and I love it!  The Boy had an old ticket from the Ashland County Fair in a drawer from a few years ago.  He went off of that, blended “This is StyckyWycket” over it, moved in “This blog goes to 11”, changed the color of the ticket, dropped them on a dirt layer, created a shadow…you get the idea.

This was done in one try.  And I can’t speak to whether it is that he and I have been together for this long (and therefore, can read each other’s minds), or that he’s just that good.  But, for whatever reason, it just clicked this time, and neither one of us could be happier for this outcome.