Book List

83. Read all of the books on a book list of my choosing. [In Progress?]

Well, after an ill-fated decision to be a part of the 1% Well-Read Challenge, I’ve had to re-evaluate.  Not to say that I don’t think that it’s noble to read some of the best-written books in history, but the reality was that I have already read 1% of the books on the list, and the rest felt a lot like prescribed summer reading from high school.  The only book that I ever willingly read for summer reading was Cat’s Eye by Margaret Atwood (which is, coincidentally, on the book list).  That’s one book out of the nine I had to read in four years (well, actually, eight, because I had to read the same book twice when I transferred from one high school to the other).

So, I’ve chosen another book list.  The Milan Jacovich mysteries by mystery writer Les Roberts, who has adopted Cleveland as his second home.  I’ve already read a few of the books, and being an native Clevelander, love that the settings in the books are very familiar to me.

The Milan Jacovich Mysteries
Pepper Pike ( 1988 )
Full Cleveland ( 1989 )
Deep Shaker ( 1991 )
The Cleveland Connection ( 1993 )
The Lake Effect ( 1994 )
The Duke Of Cleveland ( 1995 )
Collision Bend ( 1996 )
The Cleveland Local ( 1997 )
A Shoot In Cleveland ( 1998 )
The Best Kept Secret ( 1999 )
The Indian Sign ( 2000 )
The Dutch ( 2001 )
The Irish Sports Pages ( 2002 )
King of the Holly Hop ( 2008 )
(by the way, all of these books can be found on Amazon.)

I saw that Roberts had written his memoir, We’ll Always Have Cleveland, which I’m also interested in reading.  One of the things that Robert’s really nailed in his books was Clevelanders and their fierce sense of city pride, so even though he’s not a native Clevelander, I’m curious to see what his opinions about this city are.

As a side note, I’m a little surprised that I never ran into Roberts in the fifteen years I lived on the border of Cleveland Heights.  I’ve been to his favorite restaurant on the Heights several times, and a lot of the other focal points he’s known to have be-bopped around, including working for an entire summer in a very famous Cleveland bakery he’s written about.  I wonder if I could adapt Goal #71 and meet him in person.  That’s doesn’t make me a stalker, does it?