December 26, 2008

1. What is the best gift you received this year?

I did get things that I asked for and/or needed. But, ironically, the one that makes me smile every time I see it is my State Quarters display frame. I get all geeked out when I see all the quarters I’ve collected so far.

2. What is the best gift you gave this year?

It was either I’m a Lebowski, You’re a Lebowski for The Boy, or the “Obscure Band You’ve Never Heard Of” t-shirt for Radio Edit.

3. When did you do most of your shopping/creating?

The first weekend of December, and I did it all on Amazon.

4. Did you go shopping the day after Thanksgiving?

No, I was too busy having my wisdom teeth pulled out of my head. Which, if you think about it, I chose over going out on Black Friday.

5. What stands out already about Christmas 2008?

– My brother being away for Christmas. I know that it hit my mother really hard in that she didn’t decorate for the holidays. I opened my presents in front of the computer while we were on Skype, so he could watch.

– That I couldn’t really get into the holiday season. I’m taking notes to see how I can improve upon this next year.

– How nice and mellow Christmas day was. No pressure to get a ton of food on the table to feed a thousand cranky relatives, just making dinner with a fancier cut of meat and fancier table linens for the immediate family and The Boy.

I would say that despite me not feeling festive, it was a nice Christmas.