NaBloPoMo’08, Day 25:

I have a really nice planner in my office who I’ve worked on a few cases with.  He’ll bring me cookies every now and then, just because he’s that nice.  I let him know that we were going to have to work quickly to finish his plan as I was going to be gone for a few days because of my surgery.  He wished me well, wished me luck, and brought me the last two truffles out of a box he’d gotten from a company called Coblentz’s – since my teeth were going to be out of commission for a while. 

Coblentz is a company out of Walnut Creek, Ohio, and have been awarded the Best of Ohio Amish Country award for their wares.  (And seriously, oh my God, these were the best truffles I’ve ever had in my life, and I live in the same town as a legendary chocolatier, Malley’s. If you want to get someone a great box of truffles, buy them from Coblentz.)

The “Amish thing” never really phased me all that much, even before I went to school in Ashland County.  I appreciate their conviction for their religious beliefs, but I’ve never been a person who freaks out when they see an Amish buggy rolling down the street (actually, I hope that there are no children in the buggy and that other cars are careful).  The things that I am fascinated with, however, is the simplicity of lifestyle, and the care they give to their crafts.  I can tell you that if you buy a piece of Amish furniture, you will have it forever.  My father and mother hired some Amish construction workers to build a barn for the yard.

In Kidron, OH, which is about an hour from my home, there is a sort of Amish general store called Lehman’s.  In part, it’s hugely a tourist trap, but, there are “Amish appliances” where the Amish can get cast iron stoves, ice boxes, and non-electric tools.  My favorite rooms include the oil lamp room (which has thousands of oil lamps in various styles and sizes, some of which can be fitted with modern-day bulbs), the crockery ware (where I got four apple bakers for my mother), and the kitchen appliances (an entire wall of different cookie cutters, mixing bowls of all sizes, all kinds of finely-crafted knives, gigantic copper kettles you can bathe in…all kinds of stuff).  I can’t wait to go back so I can spend a few hours just wandering around and looking at all the neat things they have.

I would recommend popping through the Best of Ohio site and checking out what the retailers have.  If you’re looking to get me a Christmas gift, I have my eye on a cedar chest.

NaBloPoMo’08, Day 24: I Ruin Everything

The Boy’s and my anniversary is on the first of December.  Both presents arrived in my mailbox today: the one from The Boy, and the one I bought for The Boy.  At long last, I am the possessor of a brand new mp3 player.  And, it’s pink.  And made of win.

I really have to fight the urge to not ruin every single gift-giving event.  I can’t bear to keep gift secrets a secret, and I am too impatient to wait for the holiday for stuff.  I ruined my engagement surprise because I couldn’t wait, and I really had to sit on my hands to not buy myself this Zune.

I’m very excited for The Boy’s anniversary gift.  He’s wanted it for a long time, and I’m going to stop there, or I totally will spill the beans.

NaBloPoMo’08, Day 23: To the Teeth

Irony is that I went to the dentist almost a week ago because I was in miserable pain, and the day after, I felt fine.  My ear stopped hurting, my throat stopped hurting, I didn’t have to self-medicate anymore….  Of course, my life being one minor medical catastrophe after another, my wisdom teeth (the three that are exposed) are in really bad shape, so I have to have them taken out, regardless.

I got one worry wrapped up, just to gear up for another one.  My mother is on strict instructions to take pictures pre- and post-op for the blog.  Everything for the blog.

NaBloPoMo’08, Day 22: Sweet Relief

The state of Ohio gives you four hours to take Life and Health Insurance exam, and it took me about two when I finally got in to the testing room.  I wasn’t allowed to have Kleenex in my pockets in the testing room, nor Chapstick, nor was I allowed to wear my usual hair rubber band around my wrist.  I was somewhat surprised that the didn’t make me don some sort of rubber testing suit, just in case.  I took this test more carefully than I’ve taken any other test (even than when I took the GRE back in 2006).  I’d gone through and checked and re-checked my answers.

But let me tell you, at the end of that two hours, when I had to irrevocably submit my answers for scoring, a wave of nausea hit me and I was convinced I was going to throw up on myself.

I passed.

After 40 hours of classes and 7 days of studying, I passed.  I passed with scores of 90%, 90%, 88% and 80% on the four subjects I was being tested on.  I will never again have to take this test again.

I texted everyone I knew when I got the the parking lot, while dancing in victory.  As a reward, The Boy took me out for my favorite dinner: sushi.  I can’t think of a better reward.