November 22, 2008

The state of Ohio gives you four hours to take Life and Health Insurance exam, and it took me about two when I finally got in to the testing room.  I wasn’t allowed to have Kleenex in my pockets in the testing room, nor Chapstick, nor was I allowed to wear my usual hair rubber band around my wrist.  I was somewhat surprised that the didn’t make me don some sort of rubber testing suit, just in case.  I took this test more carefully than I’ve taken any other test (even than when I took the GRE back in 2006).  I’d gone through and checked and re-checked my answers.

But let me tell you, at the end of that two hours, when I had to irrevocably submit my answers for scoring, a wave of nausea hit me and I was convinced I was going to throw up on myself.

I passed.

After 40 hours of classes and 7 days of studying, I passed.  I passed with scores of 90%, 90%, 88% and 80% on the four subjects I was being tested on.  I will never again have to take this test again.

I texted everyone I knew when I got the the parking lot, while dancing in victory.  As a reward, The Boy took me out for my favorite dinner: sushi.  I can’t think of a better reward.