November 13, 2008

I spent some time making sure that this site is up to date: I updated my bio, updated my 101 list, and tried to add a countdown widget, but that didn’t work out so hot.

In addition to my bake-fest, I’m going to try to sit down and get some serious studying done for my Ohio Life and Health exam.  I thought that by setting a date, I’d have a bigger impetus to study for the exam.  And here we are, one week out, and I haven’t done any serious studying.  Apparently, I’ve learned nothing from my GRE experience, despite saying that I wanted to make amends to past sins.

So, my goal is to send The Boy out to the cabin to work with his father, and while he’s doing that, I’m going to spend the day tethered to the computer going over the test question CD.  I’ve learned that if I take the test and learned whether my answers were correct or not, I tend to know the knowledge for the test.  Whether this is an evaluation of my actual intelligence or my aptitude, I’m not sure – I’m a classic practitioner of “reading” tests that I take and “using the test to take the test”.  Which is why I was able to squeak through classes and exams that I had little or no knowledge of the material.

I’m not quite as dumb as I make out.