November 12, 2008

I’m kind of going to phone it in tonight.  I don’t really have any stories to tell.  I couldn’t really get my shit together today.  Even at work, I was all at loose ends, bouncing from project to project.

The Boy has officially set the date for his annual Christmas party, which means that I am now party planning for the holidays.  I’m going to have to figure out how I’m going to put together The Boy’s party from 70 miles away and also get our part of Yule together (these parties traditionally get stacked back-to-back, which adds a little firework to the holidays).

I’m also participating in the company bake sale to help fund the Cleveland Food Bank, so I’ll be doing some serious baking this weekend.  The upside of the whole situation is that I can charge $5 a cupcake because all of the proceeds go towards the Food Bank.

I’m back reading the Iolokus series again, which always sets me in a weird mood.  One of Dear Friends’ entire moral structure was put together through The Lord of the Rings; and I part of my moral structure/worldview is pieced together because of these stories (I began reading them when I was 16, which was an extremely formative and fragile time for me).  I don’t know if going back to these stories is good for me right now, or bad.  I guess we’ll see in the coming days, but I can tell you my paper journal is seeing some weird entries.