November 1, 2008

New masthead for the blog, compliments of The Boy.  It was nice for him to get to use part of his degree, even if it meant he had to work for me.  But he’s so damn cute when he geeks out over graphic design.  Now, he wants to know how often I’m planning on changing the masthead, because he’s looking forward to making more.  I’m already mocking up a design for the next one.

Really, I just get all hot and bothered when he talks nerdy to me.

On task for November: 30 days of blogging, beginning Christmas shopping, Cleveland Food Bank bake sale (work), Life and Health Insurance test, apply for graduate school, DadZ birthday, my parents’ anniversary, Christmas Party Planning, Secret Santa (work) planning.

It’s going to be a busy month.  Hopefully better than March, though.