October 14, 2008

Oh my God, am I really nearly halfway through the month and not a single entry?  This will not do, especially as NaBloPoMo’08 is looming before us.  I need to get this on track.

My staycation: it was nice.  I was able to hit the “reset” button a little bit, I got to cook, relax, listen to O&A on XM, hang out, run my own schedule.  My parents are now out of town, which means I’ll have been “on my own” for two weeks, which has been nice.

I think two of the highlights were walking around downtown Mansfield and going to a tiny bar in the basement of an old building to sing karaoke, and going to the Mansfield Haunted Reformatory.  Thankfully, this was the first year that it wasn’t freezing, and it wasn’t raining, and Officer D, Tizzle and Radio Edit came up from Cin-city to go through the Reformatory.  And, despite having to stand in line for 1.5 hours, we did get to see a show in that the fried-Oreo stand pretty much burned to the ground as we were in line.  Of course, thank God, no one was hurt, but it was entertaining.  And even though I thought that this tour wasn’t as scary as those in years past, I love being able to go through OSR just for the historical value.

Towards the end, though, I was glad to be back, I missed my structure.  I always miss my routines.  Call me Spot Pavlov.

In other news, I hopefully will have a decent masthead to put up soon.  So, cross your fingers and hope that my designer comes through.