My Hoopty

So, I’m sure you will remember my rant about my car getting keyed?  Yeah, well, in some places, it’s down to the metal, so I might never be able to get it fixed  non-professionally.  But I’m convinced now that my damn car is cursed.

Between having to replace the bearing joints twice in a year and having the radio hizzle when it rains, I’m getting to the point where I’m like, “To hell with this, I want a Civic anyway.”

The headlight blew out on it last night, so I drove home looking like a hillbilly.  But, the replacement bulb is one of those “blue light” bulbs…which isn’t going to match the replacement bulb I put in the other headlight about three months ago.  I bought two of the blue light bulbs, just in case, but my father discouraged me from replacing them both so they match.  At this stage of the game, I just shrug and let him win.  I’ll change the other one out later.

Until then, I’ll just enjoy my bi-chromatic hoopty.

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