Grocery List: Pick Up Memories

The wedding was nice, and The Boy and I traveled all up and down Ohio. I think the highlight of the trip was landing at Dear Friends’ house at midnight, staying for four cups of coffee and heading back to Ashland. I started my journey at 10:30 on Saturday morning, and didn’t stop moving until 5:00 the next morning.

It reminds me vaguely of the time I was still and art student, and one night in November in my last year of being an art student, The Boy picked me up from the studio at about 10:30 so that we could go grocery shopping. But, before we actually made it to the Kroger, we drove a big loop through the country to have dinner at Denny’s at about midnight and then go grocery shopping.

Our favorite time to go grocery shopping – when we actually got around to it – was very late at night in the 24-hour Kroger. We’d slowly wander around with the benefit of no one there, and the stock kids quietly going about facing the shelves and stocking the refrigerated departments. The Boy would push the cart because he loved to get his lean on, and I would lead the grocery parade, because I liked to be in charge.

It’s the simple things like grocery shopping that I miss so much while The Boy and I are on this weird relationship hiatus, in which we’re not living in the same town, not going on dates, and such. I don’t even get the benefit of even doing my own grocery shopping because I don’t live on my own, and extrapolating myself from my parents grip is proving harder than I had originally planned. This whole situation just tough: this is some weird arrangement that I think that we don’t have too much of a choice in; and while it really stinks, it’s something we’ve gotten used to. However, I am getting really tired of telling the whole sordid story to people who give me weird looks when I explain our engagement arrangement.

But yes, the wedding was lovely, The Boy wowed and amazed my co-workers and boss, my lovely wedded co-worker seemed very happy that The Boy and I drove all the way down, and I tried not to be too jealous.