L-O-L-A, Lola

Taken on Friday, August 8, at Lola’s Bistro.

I’m tasting my friend’s drink, a “Spiced Pear”.  This drink was not even the nightcap to our dinner.  Over the course of three hours, I’d eaten shrimp, beef cheek Peirogie prime rib, polenta, french toast brioche with maple sugar ice cream (with salty, fatty bacon bits), and a fantastic Belgian beer I have to find.

I was a little tipsy at this point, and what you don’t see in this picture is me spilling part of this drink on me.

The other thing you don’t see is my wallet crying on the bar-top because I pretty much  had to take out a loan to pay for my dinner.  That said, it was completely worth it.

The bartender was adorable and gave us menus signed by Michael Symon: my understanding is that those things tend to get snatched up, so we were pretty lucky.  I got to play “token minority” as the only white girl in the group.

I actually like this picture because I don’t look like a moron; I’ve decided I take better candid shots and might insist on only candids from now on.  I’m also  a little weirded out by my Old Lady, Tendony hands.