Wildlife Preserve

On my way out to a party on the far west side, I stopped by Miss Mary Kay’s parents house, as she is in Cleveland for a wedding and to visit her clients here in Cleveland.  Miss MK’s family lives in a semi-spacious area of Cleveland – it’s not like my house in Geauga County, but it’s close.

At any rate, as I pull into her driveway, there are four deer chillin in the yard, eating.  I sat in the car for about five minutes just watching them, and taking a few pictures on my camera phone.  Even out in Geauga, I don’t get to be that close to the deer.  One of the deer was still pretty brazen and stood their watching me as I went to the front door.

Miss MK answers the door with her nephew, and I point out the deer in her front yard, and she’s like, “Oh my God, get inside, quick.”

Later, she confesses to me that maybe she’s turned into a bit of a city girl.  My response?  Well, maybe a little.  I mentioned on my way out the door, that I need to be a little fair.  It’s hard to be afraid of a dopey-eyed deer when I’ve had a racoon try to climb in the car and make friends when I was smoking.  Rabies at midnight strikes more fear into my heart.