This ‘n’ That

I think I may have bitten off more than I could chew when it came to the 1% Well-Read Challenge.  I got both Never Let Me Go, and Intimacy, and I couldn’t get through either of them.  It makes me very nervous for some of the other books on the list.  There are ten books on the list that I have read and I did enjoy, but I’m not cheating my way through the challenge: that’s just not fair.  I’m also wondering if I should give up the challenge.  I could switch over to a book list of reading all of Les Roberts books on Cleveland.  (I read The Irish Sports Pages and loved it.)


There is an idea, a theory, among the studies of the occult, that if you call a demon by its name, you give it power.  I have made the mistake of naming my demon….


I’ve started the process of applying to graduate school…again.  This time, I’m not lowering the bar, necessarily, but I’m definitely going for a goal that is a lot more attainable.  Not that it was silly to apply for a place at OSU in their program, but I didn’t have nearly enough (read: any) experience under my belt in the public administration or the arts field.  At least with getting my MBA, I have a background with my bachelor’s degree, and some experience in the field.

And this time, I’m a lot more mature, more brave, and more driven.  I’m going to study for and do well on the GMAT.  I’m going to make and set deadlines for the application process.  I will get in.

I’m really excited.  It’s been a long time.