4th of July and Greg Behendahert

Since the rained out Summer Solstice festival, I have been pretty busy.  Work has still been as busy as ever, and I’m spinning my wheels.  At least today, I felt like I accomplished something.

On the 27th, The Boy and I went to see Greg Behrendt at Hilarities down on E4th street.  I was casually listening to the radio, and he’d moseyed into one of the morning zoo’s radio shows and was talking to the host (they’d worked together years ago).  That’s when I found out that he was going to be doing a show.

The seats I got put us literally fifty feet from him. I totally impulse-bought the tickets (and paid pretty good money for them), but it was really worth it.  It’s been forever since The Boy and I went on a date, and the show was hysterical.  We rode the train down into downtown Cleveland, and walked the two blocks to W4th.

I didn’t get any pictures inside the show.  I didn’t want to be that jerk who gets thrown out for taking pictures and selling them on the Internet.

The week after was pretty slow.

I spent my 4th of July at The Cabin with The Boy and the rest of the in-laws.  Radio Edit (formerly known as “The Pretty Twin”) recently moved down to Cincinnati after he got a job.  He’s temporarily (?) living with Officer D and his fiancee (Tizzle) down there.  I know that The Boy is a little bummed out, as am I; we miss Radio Edit, he was a lot of fun…but he needed the change.  Now, the only time the brothers get together anymore is on major holidays.  So, this 4th of July was pretty major in that it’s something we all have to get used to now to get together as a family.

We stopped at Lake Milton’s cemetery, and found people buried there who had died serving in the revolutionary war.

In addition there was jetskiing (in which I nearly broke my neck), fireworks (in which we nearly burned down the neighbors house, and dressed Radio Edit in “shirt ninja” to go set up fireworks in the volunteer fire departments yard), karaoke (in which I got hammered with Tizzle and sang “Say My Name” by Destiny’s Child – not nearly the disaster I thought it would be), a lot of food, good company, and a trip to the beach and played “Goal Line” in the lake (in which I got thrown by three large brothers playing “defenders” and nearly lost my bikini top).  It was a good weekend, and I look forward to the next time I go back.

This week: more mundane – getting new brakes put on my car, going to an office party sponsored by some insurance wholesalers, hookah bar, and talking to a dear friend who lives too far away.  I currently have no plans for the weekend.