Oh My God: Friday, Please?

I knew that I would be paying for my frivolity at work: I have been slammed this whole week with casework, to the point where I am about three cases behind where I need to be.  As such, I have been showing up early to/leaving late from work for the last two days.  On top of that, I am not sleeping very well (who needs more than two hours of sleep?  Pussies, I say.), and thus, not eating.  So, on top of freaking the fuck out that I’m behind on my work, I am exhausted, have constant stomach pain, and chills.  It’s been a weird week.

This is reminiscent of the time my father had to work on a project at his job and didn’t show up at home one night until 3 in the morning.  …That or he was having an affair.

…Just kidding.

The upside to not getting overtime, and having put all of these extra hours into work is that I’m leaving tomorrow at noon and spending the weekend in the sunshine: reading, jet skiing, laying out in the sun, sleeping on the boat, and drinking around the firepit.  …I think this is going to be the first time since the “summer season” started that I’m actually going to have a nice weekend away.

Because I’ve been freaking the fuck out at work this week, The Boy (who was on an errand on my side of town, anyway) took me out to lunch for sushi and ice cream (not together, there was a break in between).  He also presented me with this t-shirt (part of all of the prizes we give each other).  It’s pink, and now I sort of match him and his jet ski.  He also got me a pink bandana to match my life jacket and sunglasses.  Now, I need a pair of black shorts.

I’ll also be wearing this swimsuit (in red poppy and black trim) – but I promise you I don’t look nearly as hot as the model.  The Boy is happy because it matches his jet ski.  As of right now, Honda doesn’t make a jet ski in pink and gray.  …Maybe someday.

This weekend, I will be reading Where Rainbows End, by Cecelia Ahern.  This was recommended to me by a good friend, and I’m excited to actually get into it.  My mother-in-law and I are going to be the lame geese on the boats who read the whole afternoon.

Also?  I’m totally lusting after one of Janine King’s bags.