January 8, 2008

17. Buy a DSLR camera.

I am the proud owner of this camera. It is the Canon PowerShot S3 IS. I got it while I was on my vacation with The Boy to Dear Friend’s house. I had originally had a Nikon Coolpix, which I got for Christmas, but when I was transferring purses, I thought I had lost it. Dear Friend had just bought a new camera, and hers was the S5 IS. I got to play with it, and absolutely fell in love with it, to the point where I turned to The Boy and said, “I’m not leaving Columbus without a camera.”

Also, The Boy had inherited a Zune from Dear Friends (do you realize now how cool these people are?), and wanted to go to MicroCenter to get a case. So, while he’s looking for a case for his free Zune, I started puttering around the cameras. I did not find the S5, but I did find the S3, which had a nicer price tag on it than I had seen on some shady web sites. So, I’m chatting with the guy at the counter, and he happens to mention that he would clearance out the camera because it’s a discontinued model, and the one that was being used for the demo was the only one left. So, I basically cased the joint; and now I have the camera of my dreams.

It’s not quite a dSLR, but it’s good enough. It does everything I need.

24. Find/create a book club.

I didn’t create a book club, but I did find one. We met once, but we’ve fallen off the wagon. I think I need to call the girls and see when we’re meeting again. I liked doing that.

25. Get re-involved with the Shaker Arts Council.

I am starting back with this again. I’m working the 2008 Summer Solstice festival. If you have the chance to go, you should. I’ll do some more shameless plugs at a later date.

38. Get personal calling cards with my name, cell and email on them.

I went online to VistaPrint, and had them done. They are really, really awesome. Now I just need to go places to give them out.

63. Buy a new pair of glasses.

I finally did this. I went to Wal-Mart (I know, I know: evil corporation, blah, blah, blah) and got an eye exam and new glasses. They are by Levi Strauss, and they’re totally sexy librarian with black rims. Think: Lisa Loeb.

In addition to the tasks that I have completed, I do have changes that I want to make to the list. There are just some things I won’t be able to finish, but I don’t want to cop-out of doing 101 Things. So, I am going to update the list, and post the new changes here, and on the main list.