Now I Have One of Those Near-Miss Stories…

Had I left my in-laws house when I usually do, I could have been killed in this accident. I usually hit that section of 480 at the time the accident occurred.  Apparently, according to this article, the victim’s wife was two cars behind her husband when she witnessed his death.

I missed the accident by about an hour, and the police closed the highway at the exit before where the accident occurred.  I remember seeing a wall of blue and red lights as I was coming across the Valley View bridge and thinking that there was an accident at the end of the bridge, and they were only letting one lane pass.  But, they diverted us off the highway after sitting on the Valley View bridge for about 20 minutes. I then spent another 30 minutes wandering around Garfield and Bedford Heights trying to get back to the highway.

I am certainly not annoyed that they got us off the highway, but I am frustrated that every time I have to get off the highway because they close off a section, they don’t offer guidance for getting back on to the highway.  I don’t know the areas of Garfield and Bedford Heights at all; I was lucky that I found Rockside Road, which I know merges into another highway I use to get home.

I rolled in at about 2 in the morning, to which I encountered both of my parents waiting up for me (whee).  I tried to tell them part of the reason I was home late, which sounded lame even to me.  In the morning, I showed my mother the article, and she tried to guilt-trip me about being out so late; to which I had to reply, “If I had left at the normal time, I could have been the one who was killed. (I don’t think that’s going to change anything, though.)