In Like a Lion, Out with a Party

I seem to have fallen down on another goal in my 101, but my intent is to pick myself up, dust myself off, and just go about being better.

Atlanta was a blend of fun and misery: between partying nearly every night, and having to spend about 18 hours in the Atlanta airport, I think I’ve had my fill of ATL for a while. Very cool: getting to meet the people I work with nationally but don’t get to see; very not cool: the hellacious cold I came down with when I got back. Because the weather in Cleveland was horrific on the day we were supposed to fly back, I had to cancel my foot surgery, and I’m due to go back in this coming Wednesday.

I’m relieved that I will finally be going into surgery (my cyst is getting worse), but sobered by the reality that I am getting a living will and granting my parents the Power of Attorney in the event I go vegetable midway through. For the record, my liver’s already been promised to the co-worker I spent the most time partying with in Atlanta. However, I still have corneas, a heart, and two kidneys if you’re interested, should I happen to slip away after surgery (don’t bother with my lungs; they’re getting useless at this point).

I’m ready to see March go: I’ve been going at breakneck speed, not sleeping, going out a lot, and letting a lot of the important things in my life fall apart. Case in point: I had quite a few things on my schedule for the end of this month (a book club and meeting with a very good friend of mine from high school, which I already rescheduled), that I had to cancel. Funny thing is that I was supposed to be boarding a plane at the middle of this week to spend four days and three nights on a cruise ship in the Bahamas. Instead, I’m just hoping and praying that I make it through this Easter weekend alive.

Whose got two thumbs and is ready for April? This girl.