Not Fun News

The Boy and I are currently planning where we want to go on vacation. I want so badly to go on a three-day cruise to the Bahamas. I want a vacation of fun and sun. All of the prices are so tantalizing: if I wanted to go on a cruise by myself, I could totally swing it. Unfortunately, The Boy doesn’t have the adequate amount of funds to fund a cruise, and I can’t afford to take the both of us, so I guess there’s no cruising for us.

In reality, in light of all of the frugality blogs that I’ve been reading lately, it would seem silly to spend money on a cruise. (I’m not quite sure how I feel about that sentiment, though: I realize that vacations can be frivolous; but all work and no play…)


In not-so-fun news, I am getting a biopsy when I get back from my business trip in Atlanta on March 5. I seem to have been nursing a strange growth on my foot since about September, and as the podiatrist says, “It’s not common for a healthy 23-year-old to have a something not heal.” In addition to having whatever’s on my foot biopsied, I will also have to have the bone biopsied, because my x-rays showed some infection-like growth on it.

Best-case scenario: it’s a cyst, and gets biopsied, and I get stitched, and I should be fine.

Not-quite-best-case scenario: it’s a cyst and a bone infection, and I have to take antibiotics (either oral, or in an IV).

Worst-case scenario: melanoma or carcinoma.

Needless to say, I’m trying not to panic. The podiatrist doesn’t seem to think that it’s cancer, but does absolutely want it biopsied. I’m just going to try and keep things mellow, and thank God that I have health insurance. …If I didn’t, I’d probably just let my foot rot off, kill me, and use my employer-provided life insurance cover my funeral expenses.

But the part that’s the super-kicker: I’m spending my entire really nice bonus on medical bills. This shit blows. I’m not old enough to have to make this choice.