In Where I Talk About Last Night’s Date Budget (aka Bore You to Death)

In our long-distance relationship, Friday night has been declared date night. This works out perfectly for The Boy and I, because he has had a standing winter engagement remodeling the bathroom in his parents’ summer cabin on Saturdays. Sundays are dinner at the in-laws house, which doesn’t afford us a lot of alone time, so we go out every Friday night.

The Boy and I are in off pay periods, which is nice, because 52 weeks out of every year, we have money coming in. Not every couple can be this lucky. In part, this means that every other week, one of us is responsible for paying for the date. This also helps defray the cost.

The other thing that we’re trying to do is cut down on the cost of eating out. We’ve done some good currently, in the sense that we don’t eat out at steakhouses, or other super-fancy dining, but we do drop some cash. The Boy enjoys all three courses of a meal, so that’s extra on the bill. And don’t forget: not only do you pay for the food, but you tip, too, so it’s not just $5.99 for a Moons Over my Hammie.

Last night was nice, because The Boy and I ate for $3.50. And though I recognize that it’s not the healthiest of choices, we found ourselves at The Boy’s favorite burger joint. I got a single cheeseburger; The Boy got a double, three cookies, and a water to drink. No fries, no value meals (some value), no soft drinks.

I did not need a gigantic burger, neither did The Boy, and we went the smart route by getting water; which I realize doesn’t taste as good (and honestly, I rarely get water with my meals), but fast food places will gouge the shit out of you on drinks. And that tiny burger was enough for me, and it seemed like the double was enough for The Boy (he did, after all, inhale three cookies).

We were well-behaved, and cut down our date night to about $32, roughly. (We went to a movie: the tickets murdered our date night budget, and we got stuff from the concession stand, another new thing that I don’t want to spend money on. But, we did get the smallest popcorn that they had and shared a large drink: but it still set The Boy back $8.50 – ouch.) In the future, we’ll probably hit the dollar theater, and find a way to cut down on concession costs.

Incidentally, we saw Juno. I thought it was a very good movie, and I was laughing through a lot of it. I think The Boy is the cheese to my macaroni…without the screaming infant.