November 20, 2007

I’ve been hinky pretty much the whole day, without any real rhyme or reason.

As the holiday season approacheth, my understanding is that work in the office slows down significantly, and I’ll have a lot more days like these: slow, hinky.

I took my car in today to get the oil changed, and for an estimate on brakes. I apparently need two new tires and complete brakes on all four wheels, and one of the multitude of estimates that they gave me put it in the area of $915. Which, if you ask me, seems like a hell of a lot of money, labor included. Good grief.

While I was waiting to get my oil changed, I spent time with some of my coworkers celebrating my boss’ birthday. One of the reasons why I like my boss is because she enjoys having a good time, and shows us her “out of the office” side, and I wonder if, in part, that’s why we respect her so much. She’s strictly business on the job, which we all respond to in-kind, but she likes to be just [Boss’ Name] outside of work.

There was this one body-building behemoth of a woman (with what looked like a hell of a lot of facial plastic surgery) at the bar, and I shot my boss a look with a raised eyebrow, and she said simply back to me, “She could kick your ass.”

My boss rocks.

Tomorrow, I’m getting my car detailed. There’s a company who works in the garage under my building who is having a special. And I’ve needed my car cleaned for forever, so as long as they are having a special, it’s worth it.