November 5, 2007

Well, they finally got the program at work to run, thank God. I was able to be productive, so I feel like I got some things done today, which is a lot better than I usually feel; I mostly feel like I’m spinning my wheels. …Six months later and I still feel like a bumbling idiot.

As far as the bathroom is concerned, I took down both cabinets, and the only mirror that I had left. I thought that it was bad not having a toilet or sink, but not having a mirror is very strange. I hadn’t noticed how much I use it, even when I think I’m not using it.

Once I pulled down the cabinets, I filled in the holes. Because the walls are not made of plaster, putting a screw in the wall usually requires an anchor, which puts a massive hole into the wall, which is a total bitch to try to fill in. The problem is that you’re jamming putty into the wall, and because there’s no serious substance to the wall, all of the putty that you’re jamming into the hole is basically falling out of the other side of the hole and down into the wall. So, you can jam putty into the wall all day, but you better have enough to fill the entire inside of the wall.

Oh, and another fun thing that I seem to have discovered about the house? It seems to have been insulated with Vermiculite; which is supposed to expand with the application of heat. So…this stuff is like pellets and not at all “stuffing” the walls, which leads me to believe two things:

  1. There is virtually no insulation in between the walls of this house (because it’s sunk to the bottom of the walls), because
  2. Wind has been filtering into the house, shrinking the Vermiculite and chilling the whole house.

When we pulled the vanity off of the wall, Vermiculite was falling out of the holes from the water pipes to the sink. It was so wretched looking, I was convinced that rat droppings were falling out of the wall.

Note to Self: Buy a house with plaster walls; or buy a newly-constructed house scratch that. If I buy an old house with plaster walls, I can blow in some of that paper/fiber insulation. Plaster walls can handle that.

On schedule for the bathroom for the rest of the week:

  1. Fill holes, done
  2. Tape off moulding, Tuesday
  3. Paint the walls. Thursday

I bought this coat at Chadwick’s for a complete steal. I bought it in camel, and it’s pretty sturdy and fabulously classic (with a modern flare), so I’m hoping that I can get a few seasons’ wear out of it. I took it to a tailor to get it shortened, and I’m apparently somewhere between a 4 and a 6 (6 hips, and a wonky bust-size that’s kind of 4 and kind of 6), so I had to get it taken in around the armpits.

That said, why the hell did I wait a week to get it to the tailor, when it’s supposed to snow this week? ::sigh:: I’m just going to have to look like a doofus doubling-up on sweaters to work.