November 2, 2007

Today was going well at work, and then, the program that my entire job revolves around decided to take a major dump. And my superiors wanted to know where their client files were. I was unable to access client files either online and off-line, and I spent about an hour and a half listening to tech people going, “Hmm…I don’t really know what’s wrong.”

Dude, it’s 4:30, and I want to be out of here early to make up for yesterday; can we please just call it a day?

It’s not that my job is high-stress. It’s more like high-demand with a spaz (myslef) at the helm of the crazy bus. I of course overreact to every situation, freaking out that I’m a screwing up left and right, and perpetually worried that I’m going to be fired. I wish I felt better about my job performance.

I said I was going to make a comprehensive list of self-improvements, but as you can read above, I was a little busy all day.

This weekend is going to be full of bathroom renovations. If I think of it, I will try to post before and after photos (the before is going to have to start with a fresh shower and no floor, for they have already been started).