NaBloPoMo ‘07, Day 29

1. What is one place in your home country you’d like to visit but never have?

I am dying to see Big Sky Country.? What I want to do is the same thing that my parents did, but add some: fly into SLC, Utah, rent a car, drive through Idaho, Wyoming, Montana, South Dakota and see all of the national parks across that way.? Then I would like to go down to Four Corners and see that, as well as the desert and the Grand Canyon.

As I was thinking about this question, I remembered that I’ve always had an obsession with the Western United States.? When I was in eighth grade, we had to read the book Walk Across America and had a cross-platform project in which we had to do a history lesson, a geography lesson, a science project and write about our “journey” to anyplace we wanted to go and any mode of transportation.? I chose a tour of the Western United States on horseback.? I remember that I incorporated Grand Teton National Park with a model of the mountains, I also did an art history lesson on Georgia O’Keefe, But by far, my favorite part was writing the actual story.? I think it was the only project I ever did without frittering away my time on.

2. What are your favorite smells?

  • Burberry Cologne on The Boy,
  • Ginger,
  • Clean laundry,
  • Any type of cooking.

3. What is a book that affected you deeply as a child?

Pride and Prejudice.? It wasn’t so much the book as it is the A&E movie based on the book.? What affects me so profoundly is that I used to go over to my grandmother’s apartment down the street from our house and have tea, watch Pride and Prejudice and spend time with my Gram.? I think the memories of those time will be with me forever.

4. Why will America never embrace soccer?

In part, I think it’s because were very much separatists.? We have developed a lot of things that are “our own”, sports especially.? Soccer is the non-native sport – when you think about it, we’ve shipped basketball and baseball out, and neither soccer nor hockey are really big in this country.

5. Who’s afraid of Virginia Woolf?

Ugh, me.? No offense?

and [info]tigergerer, but I cannot stand Virginia Woolf.? I couldn’t get through any of her books when I took British Literature in high school.? But, that said, I do like the movie The Hours, which I know, is so pedestrian of me.

NaBloPoMo ’07, Day 28: What a Christmas Message

On my way home, it’s usually dark, so I look at my neighbors’ Christmas lights. One of them has NOEL spelled in lights in their yard. One of the nights I passed, the E had collapsed; reading “No L”, which I thought was extremely amusing. The other night, it was the N, so it read “oel”.

Tonight when I was coming home, I looked at the NOEL across the neighbors’ yard, and I think from it’s tumble the other night, the E got hosed, so now, you drive past it, and there it is, in all of it’s festive, warm, and cheerful holiday glory.

Nozl, indeed.

NaBloPoMo ’07, Day 27: Misplaced Meme Day

This is a meme meant for Monday, but I am too whacked from the weather to think of something interesting today.

What is your least favorite day of the week and why?

Probably Thursday. It’s the day after I see The Boy, but it’s always a painfully slow day at work.

What’s the best way to end the day?

Snuggling down into bed with The Boy, and rocking him and I to sleep.

Which animal would you have left out of the ark?

There’s an eel that generates a snot-like-consistencied slime. I’d have left that one off of the ark.


NaBloPoMo ’07, Day 26

Most of the day I’ve been in a funk; apparently, it’s going around, The Boy is kind of hinky, too.

I’ve ordered more Christmas gifts, so I only have four to go.

NaBloPoMo this year has totally blown, accursed full-time job.