Same old, same old I guess.

I had a rough day at work and at home, so in between getting out of work and going on a “date” with The Boy, my secret-friend and co-worker (one in the same) went with me to the Cuban restaurant below my office building to have mojitos. My God, what a mistake that was: do not tell the bartender that you have has a bad day at work. He will then double-strength your drinks with top-shelf tequila (which I already have a torrid relationship with), and then ask if you want to try the other flavor, which prompts to to have another insanely strong mix.

Also, because I was drinking and not paying attention, I think I ate about an acre of mint leaves that had been muddled into my drink. I was so ragingly sick from the alcohol and the mint leaves that I can’t even chew spearmint gum without my stomach turning.

A point of conversation between my co-worker and I:

Her: …So what are you and [The Boy] doing later tonight?
Me: Fighting.

So yes, that’s what that aspect of my life has been like lately. The worst part is having aforementioned tension in the relationship and then being so wasted you have to rely on that person to rescue you from yourself. That sucked.

My parents are out of the town this weekend; as happy as I am about that, I still just have way too much space to be comfortable by myself here.

I’m not sure what’s in store for me in the coming week, but I will say that I am enrolled to do National Blog Posting Month again for the month of November; but this year, I’m bound and determined to finish it all the way this year. Maybe I might win something this year, who knows. It’s something to do, and right now, I’m at a lack of things to do in my off-time.

October 15, 2007

Coming back from my second mini-vacation, my heart breaks for some of the simple things:

  • being able to come and go as I please,
  • the choice to leave things out of their place if I want to,
  • an active life…

Coming down from the high always sucks…