How True “The Curse” Is

I’m not one of those women who “celebrates” her menses, and there’s something a little bizarre about Always’ well-wishing sticker in their maxipads: “Have a Happy Period”. I really just like to go on with it and be done with it, and not let it complicate my life more than necessary.

I know that I am one of hundreds of thousands of women who suffer from PMDD: something a little more that typical PMS and something a little less than schizophrenia. Meaning, there are times during the month where I exhibit the exact signs of severe depression: complete crying meltdowns (I’m not a crier, ask anyone who knows me (besides The Boy)), sleeping 12+ hours a day, thoughts of suicide, etc. In these days I am not me.

That said, I have a huge problem using “the rag” as an excuse to be dismissive of another’s emotions. I find it to be extremely sexist and downright foul that anytime I’m less than sugar and spice, I’m either a) a bitch, or b) on my period. There’s something so defeatist about having someone accuse your true and honest emotions as not real because of hormonal sway — even when one might not be under those influences. It’s belittling at best, and emotional abuse at the worst.

It’s the advent of the word “hysteria”: a disease that only women can suffer from because they have womanly problems.

To be frank: sometimes I’m angry because you’re acting like a big douchebag, okay? Thank you, have a nice day!