Bad Val Kilmer Movie Weekend was something of a bust, I did watch Thunderheart, but that was about it. I can’t find my copy of The Saint, anymore, which is a damn shame, because I love me some “Thomas Moore the artist lover” scenes. Too bad no man like that exists.

Meena, Megan and I went to Lounge Leo down in Little Italy. Yet again, I was hopelessly under-dressed for yet another situation where I really needed to be sexy. I’ve decided that I just need to be a “bombshell” (even if The Boy objects to me using that phrase) all the damn time. Because you never know when you’re going to get in an argument with your significant other and need to have an impromptu girls night out…where no man in the bar will hit on you or pick you up. …That was a little disappointing.

But, it felt good to go to Lounge Leo: I felt a little Sex in the City-ish simply because it was a tiny bar, but posh and packed, with a “VIP” lounge section in the “basement”. It’s a place you definitely go to sit, drink and talk with the ladies. I, being this hopeless schlub of a girl who hasn’t quite completely crossed the girl bridge into High-Heel-And-Skirt-Island, ordered a Miller Lite (which would have been fine, if I was at Grandview Tavern in Lake Milton — but I wasn’t), and Meena and Megan had chick-ish mixed drinks. Later, I was foisted a beer made by Michelob to appeal to girls who can’t drink real beer, which had “Red Raspberry” or “Tuscan Mandarin” flavor.

Run from these beers. Seriously.

Though the Red Raspberry beer tasted like clearly Canadian, which certainly has its appeal if you’re trying to get totally trashed without the taste of beer, I still wouldn’t pay for that odd flavor. And the “Tuscan Turd”-flavor tastes actually like polyethylene. Bad news all around.

In other news, I’m going in for a medical procedure in about 3 weeks, and I had a nightmare last night about how painful the procedure will be. It’s supposed to be relatively painless, and my doctor recommended taking some Ibuprofin the morning of. But now I’m nervous.