Some Talking Points

  • Hey, fuckwad: I don’t give a shit if you have a “God Bless America” in the back window of your car, I’m still going to have to resist ramming you in the ass because you’re doing 30 in a 45 and some people have to be at work!
    • PS – and maybe if you didn’t drive on a fucking flat, you’d get better mileage out of your shitbucket.
  • Falls Road seems to be closed every single year for repairs. I mean, shit, do people use elephants to cross the one-lane bridge in the winter? Christ.
  • When The Boy and I finally buy a house together, I’m going to insist on central air. We woke up this morning together, in a room that doesn’t feel like it has central air, and he says to me, “God, Julia, you’re all sweaty.” I wasn’t the one sweating and roasting me to death, douchebag.
  • The Boy is employed again! We’ll be DINKs in no time!