Complete Lack of Interesting Title

I still haven’t figured out how to balance, work, play, and sleep.

That said, I haven’t had a chance to play yet. [US] doesn’t call me back.

My Coach bag is officially paid for and mine. It can’t be repo’ed. Next paycheck pays for half of the laptop. Paycheck after that pays for the second half.

It’s Wednesday and I have about a jillion things to do. I should have done them all today, but c’est la vie, I didn’t do anything.

I am reading Exit A (by the same author who wrote Jarhead) and The Wendy Williams Experience, which isn’t her memoir, but more of a series of stories relating to the radio show of the same name. I have never actually listened to Wendy Williams’ show, but I’m oddly fascinated by her on the few occasions that I have seen her on TV. I would really, really love to read about Opie & Anthony’s long journey from Long Island to New York radio, and the entire United States. I’m that big of a fan.

I’m thinking about moving this blog to WordPress. If you have any advice/complaints, address them in the comments.