Overheard at [Retail Job]

A few days ago, maybe in relation to this post, The Boy asked me what turned me on.

Without hesitation, I said cowboys. Long before the phenom that was Brokeback, I had a…thing for cowboys. Don’t ask me why, don’t ask me how, but when I see a Stetson, Reistol, or Renegade by Bailey, I get a little turned on. It’s why I aggressively forced The Boy to buy a $15 imitation cowboy hat from the Cuyahoga County Fair. Next to Carson Kressley’s book on male fashion, it’s been one of the best investments in my relationship.

I tell you that story to tell you this story. I apparently get the same turned-on feeling from Tommy cologne. And, even worse, it apparently doesn’t matter which gender is wearing it. My very female co-worker likes to wear men’s cologne (which is apparently a new trend in fashion, but cool); she of course, was wearing Tommy as scent-du-jour today. She’d walked by my for about the 33rd time today and I’d finally had enough.

“[Co-Worker], get the hell away from me! You are about three feet from a girl-on-girl experience!”

She switched to Nautica, which to me has no smell. If I don’t get sued for sexual harassment at this job before I quit, it’ll be no small miracle.

[Sidenote: Don’t ever Google “cowboy” looking for pictures to accentuate your post. You will inevitably be inundated with some of the weirdest interpretation of “cowboy” ever.]