Okay, I promised that I would post a real entry, so here goes, in order of the things I think of.

My parents went to West Virginia for three days (visiting with my aunt and uncle who drove up to WV from North Carolina).� This means that I have the house to myself for three days.� I never thought that I would be so lonely.� Which sounds lame, at 23, I want my parent’s company, but this house is way too big for one person with a part-time job and no life.� Even though I spend most of my time by myself when I’m at home (with my parents), it’s still weird to go upstairs and no one’s there.

I’m still filling out job applications with vigor.� I’m hoping, hoping, hoping that I end up going somewhere with all of this shit.� But, I’m trying to make a better effort into looking harder and doing everything I can.� I’ve been at [Retail Job] for six months at the end of this month; so when they give me my name tag of gold and maroon plastic, I’m going to cry.� And not with joy.

I didn’t get into graduate school.� I was bummed out at first, but only in the way that it was like a bad relationship: I didn’t want to be in it, but I wanted to do the dumping, dammit!� Rejection sucks.

I’m going out to Bowling Green to visit my brother.� I’m hoping that the weather isn’t horrible for my two-hour drive, but I do have books on tape: The Bonesetter’s Daughter by Amy Tan, Hannibal by Thomas Harris, and The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, which I may not even get to, but whatevs.� My brother promises that he’ll let me fool around in the ceramics lab, which promises to be fun, but after that, I have no idea what we’ll do.� Chinese and a movie, mayhap?

Wednesday night, The Boy and I are leaving for Mammoth Caves, Kentucky.� I’m looking forward to not having to work for three days in a row, sleeping next to my fiance for the second time since we were engaged, and seeing new sites (and a new shot glass for my collection — yay!) but the seven-hour drive?� Not so much.� I plan on making a packing list, soon, but again, I have the same motivation as I have attitude for a seven-hour drive: not so much.

Hopefully, I’ll have pictures from both Bowling Green and Mammoth Caves.