March 7, 2007


One of those updates I do when I haven’t updated in a while:

  • [Retail Job] is apparently frothing at the mouth to give me a promotion. It would be a pay raise, and a few days of 5:30 in the morning shifts. I’m flattered that they want to give me the job, but ethically, I really can’t take the job: I have resumes out at other places, and would accept a better job offer, and I don’t want to be stuck there forever. My manager said to me, in his office, “Well, some people say they are going to leave, but somehow, they’re here for years.”And that’s why I need to get the hell out.  
  • I sent my resume out to the Career Development Center [CDC] at [Alma Matter]. I have two resumes, actually: a skills-based and a work-experience resume. I have two because I have no real work experience in my field of study (other than being a peon), so when I have a network contact, I send out both. So I need to consolidate my resumes. And I’m trying to figure out if this was a mistake or not. I have people telling me that I’m great, and I’ll find a job, and I need to stop selling myself short, and blah, blah, blah…. But, then I send my resume(s) to get worked on, and I get a response basically saying that my resume lacks focus; meaning, that I’ll never get an interview, and I’ll be easily glossed over as far as the job search is concerned. Let me just say that my resume is pretty lackluster. I’m not proud of my utter lack of experience. But, I think I hated my resume more when I was doing it for [Alma Matter] projects. To me, it looked like a mess, it was bare (because of my lack of experience), and just not reflective of what my skills are. I got it to a place that made a little more sense to me, even though I had two split it into two resumes. All that being said, I have no idea how to fit my resumes together, so I’m going to have to bite the bullet and play along. And, the director of the CDC wanted to know what sort of job I was gunning for…. Lady: I will do just about anything that gets me out of retail, into an office, a little more money, and some self-respect. I guess there is nothing super specific that I want to do right now, and I have nothing right now.  
  • My cat split my lip yesterday. I thought I was going to need stitches, it was deep. I’m surprised how quickly facial lacerations heal. At class last night I’m sure I looked like I’d gotten into a bar fight; it looked pretty bad ass. Of course, at the same time, I’m completely freaking out and worried that I’m going to look hideous forever. Thank God that it happened on a day when I had two days off of work.
  • Joining Phi Theta Kappa is a little out of the question, simply because I can’t spare $75 to register.
  • Someone at Tri-C nominated me for the student government. I’m flattered, but since I’m not a full time student, nor do I intend to pursue any type of degree from Tri-C, and I therefore, won’t exactly be able to fill a position.
  • Life is pretty slow other than that. My Schedule:
    Madre and Padre’s on Monday
    Class on Tuesday