February 11, 2007

Name six things in your refrigerator:

  1. Diet Rite Red Raspberry,
  2. leftover Chinese food,
  3. chevril goat cheese, amazing and creamy,
  4. Diet V8 Splash,
  5. 2 pounds of chicken breast,
  6. couscous.

Name six things in your freezer:

  1. Ground coffee,
  2. leftover mashed potatoes,
  3. ice cream,
  4. ice cubes,
  5. frozen veggies,
  6. Orlando deli Italian bread.

Name six things under your kitchen sink:

  1. bottle brush,
  2. Chlorox wipes, citrus,
  3. dishwasher detergent,
  4. garbage bin,
  5. hand lotion refil tub,
  6. Windex.

Name six things around my computer:

  1. Uni-Ball Micro pens in black,
  2. a mini Rolo-dex file for all of my computer passwords,
  3. a spindle of blank CDs,
  4. a notebook that I use to keep track of all of my computer maintenence,
  5. a mounted rock from the wall that was torn down at my alma matter high school,
  6. a flat-iron.

Name six things in your medicine cabinet:

  1. Midol,
  2. Therma-Care abdomen patches (love them for cramps!),
  3. Umberto Gianni thickening balm,
  4. Q-tips,
  5. DDR foaming acne cleansers,
  6. Anti-plaque mouthwash.

Name six things on or around your nightstand: (don’t have one, so these are on/around the dresser)

  1. alarm clock/CD/Radio,
  2. The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time by Mark Haddon,
  3. Lubriderm sea kelp hand-cream,
  4. a note pad of paper,
  5. a vanilla pillar candle,
  6. a lamp.

Source: Multitasking Mama