February 9, 2007

This is going to be a semi-disconnected mess of things, but we’ll get through it, baby.

  • I heard about Anna Nicole Smith’s untimely death from a customer at [Retail Job], about when it happened. My jaw dropped. I’m not surprised, but I am shocked. And I think so is everybody else — but none of us can figure out why we’re all so hit by this news.
  • I spent my first year of high school at a boarding school (though I didn’t board there) with an equestrian program (I did, in fact, horseback ride there). I was perusing through the newsletter, and saw that a friend of mine that first year I was there, is back teaching math there. I wonder if she remembers me. The last thing I remember of her was her getting on the bus the last day of school, waving, sadly, and thinking, “This is the last time I’m going to see her.”
  • My car was in the shop from last Thursday to today (Friday). This car is not old, and I turned it off and the fan was still running — this has never happened before. The Boy said it was nothing to worry about, but I took it to my trusted mechanic (this guy is really great, worth his weight in gold), who said that whatever is going on, it’s draining the battery, and he can’t pin-point the problem and therefore, can’t fix it. He sent me to the Hyundai dealership (owner rhymes with Dick Face), who also gave me the run-around, but still gave me their towing number so if it happens again, I can get it towed. This car is still under warranty, but I think Dick Face and I are in a pissing contest to see who’ll hold out longer.
  • I’ve dumped Security Steve for Brelen in Housewares/Domestics as my smoking buddy. Brelen at least seems interested to smoke with me, and he doesn’t stand me up like Security Steve does. Security Steve is just going to have to come to me next time he wants to enjoy my company on break. And I told him as much. Homey don’t play that.
  • I have a test on Tuesday in American Government. I’m frustrated that the rest of the class is somewhat shocked and dismayed that they are going to have to do some actual work in this class to pass. But maybe I’m just jaded having actually earned a degree already. If the girl in front of me whines again that she would have taken English if she knew she was going to have to write a paper, I’m going to cock-punch her.
  • I was supposed to have a second interview for the Admin Assistant job, but so far, nothing. This is starting to piss me off.
  • There is nothing quite so humiliating as standing with your mother in a store, as you think out loud to yourself how you can rationalize spending $3.99 on a box of stationary if you take back some of the things you bought earlier in the day and have her chastise you for not looking harder for a job. I spent the rest of the “shopping” trip in silence after that.
  • Financially, I’m treading water.
  • Wow, this list got dismal pretty quickly.