February 5, 2007

So, if I happen to get the job offer to be an Administrative Assistant, and if I choose to take it, a big worry I had was how long I’d have to stay at [Retail Job]. They post the schedule two weeks in advance, and I don’t want to have to finish those two weeks.

But, I did find out that the woman who’s job I took (she retired for greener pastures — she took a job at a factory), didn’t make it through her probationary period, and is now looking for time back at [Retail Job].


That is, if I get the job offer and if I take the job.

So far, The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time is pretty good, I haven’t gotten too far into it. It’s got my psychology-interest sensors, tingling. Right now, watching Dirt is giving me a good insight into high-functioning schizophrenia, which is pretty interesting, only in that it sort of makes me empathetic to their plight. Some of the scenes where the character is being driven mad by his visions are pretty maddening for the viewer.

But I digress.