February 4, 2007

I interviewed for an Administrative Assistant position at a company that repairs grocery carts. I was nervous about the interview, and I only relaxed after the question-and-answer portion and when it became conversational. They had me do a run-through test to set up a schedule in Word and a report in Excel. I think I did acceptable on both.

I guess the company liked what they saw, because they called the temp agency that I was going through and said as much. I’m going to assume that I’ll hear a real job offer (if there is one) on Monday.

But of course, a damper has been put on my good news.

In my frustration of not being able to get an interview with this company, I called my mother and asked for the number of her colleague in her networking group who works in a bank. I can become a teller part-time for $13/hour. (The job I interviewed for is full-time, $10/hour.) So now, my father is telling me to tell the company I interviewed for to wait until I may get an interview at the bank and then make my decision then.

So now, my mood is considerably dampened towards this job. For the first time in a long time, I looked forward to my life: I had hope that it was going to be more than me going to work, coming home, sitting on the internet (not that I don’t love talking to you, but still…), going to class, and Berea on Monday nights. I had the opportunity for evenings, and weekends, and trips out of town on those weekends, and going out with people on weeknights.

And now, my fear is that I won’t make enough money (Padre made a concerned noise at college graduates only making $10/hour) for my level of education, nor will I like the job (I’ve actually wanted to try being an administrative assistant for a while: it’s the type of detail-orientation that I love).

I’m back in the same apathetic position I was in before. I feel like I have to turn my nose up to a $3/hour raise and full-time hours and not working with customers and having weekends, evenings and holidays off, for the potential of making $13/hour part time For a job I don’t even know I’ll get, with the chance of losing an offer on the Administrative Assistant.

I was doing okay with the grown-up thing. I hate it again.