January 9, 2007

Well, after nearly (?) missing the deadline to apply for OSU, I am literally one step away from being finished with the application process. I was thinking about ditching the whole effort, period, and just wait until I got a job that would pay for my master’s degree, but I knew that I would hate myself later. And so, I’m almost finish, even though I don’t know what the end results will be, at least I have an option that’s open. I’m looking passively for a new job. All I need is a few more days of being miserable and broke, and I should be actively looking for one. Wednesday, before I go to [Retail Job], I’m going to a personnel agency in the hopes that I will find some placement that works. There’s an opening at [Retail Job] for a Table/Tower Supervisor, which makes the applicant/hiree the supervisor of that whole division within the company. I was encouraged by the GM to apply, and now that area manager is going to grant me an interview for the position. If I can’t find anything else within any amount of time, this new position will be more hours and more pay. Which is what I’ve been looking for. But please, God, not retail forever.