Where I Am in Graduate School Applications and New Job Applications

Well, after nearly (?) missing the deadline to apply for OSU, I am literally one step away from being finished with the application process.� I was thinking about ditching the whole effort, period, and just wait until I got a job that would pay for my masters degree, but I knew that I would hate myself later.� And so, I’m almost finish,even though I don’t know what the end results will be, at least I have an option that’s open.

I’m looking passively for a new job.� All I need is a few more days of being miserable and broke, and I should be actively looking for one.� Wednesday, before I go to [Retail Job], I’m going to a personnel agency in the hopes that I will find some placement that works.

There’s an opening at [Retail Job] for a Table/Tower Supervisor, which makes the applicant/hiree the supervisor of that whole division within the company.� I wan encouraged by the GM to apply, and now that area manager is going to grant me an interview for the position.� If I can’t find anything else within any amount of time, this new position will be more hours and more pay.� Which is what I’ve been looking for.

But please, God, not retail forever.