January 3, 2007

My job is apparently doing everything it can to keep me from hating it.

I made employee of the month for November.

I got $25 extra in my paycheck and the secretary ordered me a fleece stadium blanket as a prize.

God damn it.

That said, I got shit hours in a month where all of my expenses are my own, so I’m not having a hard time looking for jobs with a better pay-scale.

Anyway, in other news. One of my coworkers gave me tickets (she lives next door to a security guard at CMA) to see Barcelona! at the Cleveland Museum of Art. So, as the intrepid artists that we are, The Boy and I went to see it. It was pretty crowded, but I did get to see Joan Miro’s intaglio prints, which pickled The Boy tink, as an intaglio print-maker in college, and I thought it was slick to see them up close. There was something in the prints themselves that just felt light and jovial, and made me actually relate to the artist as a human being. It’s the first time I’ve ever related on that level to a peice of art.

We also drove to Tremont to see the Christmas Story house. It’s very strange to drive through a tiny, decrepit neighborhood and then see a really nice house with a ton of people crowded around it. The man who bought the house has renovated it in part with some kind of group that restores houses, and has tried to make the house as true-to-the-movie as possible. The house, as true as it is, is so tiny that it only takes ten minutes tops to get through it. But it was still neat. I recommend after visiting it that you watch the movie and say, “Jesus Christ, I was in there.”

And thirdly, we also found a hookah bar downtown to go to, so I’m way excited for future endeavors with that.

The Boy is back at home for the rest of the school year, and I’ll only be seeing him once a week because he’s only taking one graduate school class this semester. I’m thinking/hoping/praying that he and I can move into a house in Ashland by the summer. But we’ll see. I still have to get the hang of this bill-paying thing. And get a better job.