December 30, 2006

My Christmas Booty

  • The Anniversary Edition of Pride and Predjudice,
  • a double-matted, custom framing of my favorite painting ever, Gray and Gold by John Rogers Cox,
  • a cashmere sweater in pink and gray argyle,
  • an electric foot heater for my bed,
  • more chopsticks for my sushi set collection,
  • a tea light set from The Other Twin,
  • a pillar candle from The Other Twin’s girlfriend,
  • a sweater set from my aunt and uncle,
  • a laced-up tank top and initial pendant from Madre and Padre (The Boy’s parents),
  • a white fluffy terrycloth robe from The Boy, and finally
  • a pair of black leather Isotoner gloves from The Boy.

It’s really funny to get gifts that I’ve seen on the racks from my retail job.