December 13, 2006

Some days, when I was in Ashland, and when I look at Facebook photos of people who live in Ashland, there is nothing that I want more than to have a quiet life, in the country, out of the way, just enjoying life for what it is, and appreciating the simplicity.

But then there are days, when I am here, when I am home, and I see the women at Nordstrom’s, driving their Mercedes and BMWs and Lexus(s), and I want a high-powered, career life with nice clothes and a nice car, and a nice house.

I don’t know how to reconcile both. I don’t know where the comfortable mix is. And it’s harder since I got engaged. Do I take the easy way out and find a job at an office and get married and live prospectively, in Ashland (or Medina) forever? Or, do I wait to schedule a date for the wedding until I’ve gotten midway through my graduate studies, and hope that I can balance my aspiring career with that of The Boy’s? Who makes concessions for who?

I just don’t know.