December 12, 2006

I’ve been bad.
I still haven’t finished my application for graduate school. And the time draws nigh, seriously.

Of course, all of the verbal self-ass-kicking does nothing to get it done. I really just need to say, “Do you want to be homeless?” which will get me closer to getting it done. I was surfing Facebook today and lamenting how all of my “friends” are doing cool shit in other countries, or in graduate school already. I’m trying to realize that everyone goes at their own pace, but my realization of my envy just goes to show that the goals I state I have are not the goals I really want. The only way to achieve them is to start doing things.

So, I have my list of things to do written down and since I have another day off tomorrow, I’m going to fucking do them. Seriously, how hard is it to mail Christmas cards? If I wait any longer it’s going to be New Year’s.

And I’m going to set my alarm tomorrow.

Janet Fitch, who wrote White Oleander, has a new book out, called Paint it Black. I’m hoping that she’s not just coming off of the theme from White Oleander, and this one has equally as much merit, and isn’t just White Oleander 2. She has an amazing writing style, though, so hopefully, even though the plot seems a lot like WO, the writing will carry some of the weight.

I am reading The Nanny Diaries, which, pardon my blantant lack of knowledge on chic lit, is a lot like The Devil Wears Prada. I never read TDWP, but I did like the movie (which means I can’t ever read the book); and I’m assuming The Nanny Diaries is a tale of similar ilk. We’ll see. My brain has needed an escape route from the real world, so anything is an improvement.

In other news, I’m not going back to [Framing Job]. My boss called and said that she didn’t need me tomorrow, which was the first time I was scheduled in two weeks. So, she’s found someone else to take my place, which is fine by me. I was tired of not having an assured schedule and facing her “disappointment” when I wouldn’t drop everything or not have a life so that I could work. It’s just better this way. I’m not disappointed.

So, tomorrow: get up (decent hour); get showered, made up, dressed; finish my Christmas cards, and write the drafts for my letter of intent and applications for fellowship/associateship money.

Please someone make me accountable.