December 10, 2006

Things I did today, that I am proud of.

  • Cleaned my room
    • dusted
    • vaccuumed
    • laundry
    • emptied the garbage can
  • Cleaned my bathroom
    • scrubbed the ring out of the toilet (rusty well water)
    • picked up the clothing
    • emptied the garbage can
    • vacuumed the rug
  • Took care of my finances
    • balanced my checkbook
    • added my Chase card to my list of accounts on Microsoft Money
    • added my [Retail Job]’s charge card to my list of accounts on Microsoft Money
    • thinking about purchasing an upgrade for Microsoft Money (seeing as in the near future I’ll be getting a real job and combining my finances with another person)
  • Got a haircut — it’s actually cute and works well for me. I got my bangs trimmed and a lot of layers put in. When I get a better picture of it, I’ll post it. Right now, I think my face looks fat in the picture my dad took. I’ll work on it. I’d wanted a haircut that was mature, and fairly easy to manage, and I think it worked out.
  • Returned a bottle of shampoo I was never going to use.
  • Exchanged a set of hoop earrings for studs to re-establish the four holes in my ears. This had been a problem because I wanted to wear all of my earrings again, but I wanted something simple that didn’t make me look like white trash. I think the compromise went well. Let’s hope I don’t lose the backs on all of these earrings like I’ve done in the past.

I’m working on a new layout. Hopefully, I’ll find something soon.