December 30, 2006

My Christmas Booty

  • The Anniversary Edition of Pride and Predjudice,
  • a double-matted, custom framing of my favorite painting ever, Gray and Gold by John Rogers Cox,
  • a cashmere sweater in pink and gray argyle,
  • an electric foot heater for my bed,
  • more chopsticks for my sushi set collection,
  • a tea light set from The Other Twin,
  • a pillar candle from The Other Twin’s girlfriend,
  • a sweater set from my aunt and uncle,
  • a laced-up tank top and initial pendant from Madre and Padre (The Boy’s parents),
  • a white fluffy terrycloth robe from The Boy, and finally
  • a pair of black leather Isotoner gloves from The Boy.

It’s really funny to get gifts that I’ve seen on the racks from my retail job.

December 24, 2006 – Christmas Eve Meme

The rules:

  1. Players start by listing “3 things he/she would love to get for Christmas”.
  2. Then they also have to list “3 things he/she definitely does not want to get for Christmas”.
  3. Then he/she tags 5 friends and list their names.
  4. The ones who get tagged need to write on their blogs about their Christmas wishes, as well as state these rules clearly.
  5. Then tag 5 more victims. And the one who tags need to leave a comment that says “you’ve been Christmas tagged!” in their comments and tell them to read your blog.

Three things I would love to get for Christmas:

  1. A Coach bag. A big one.
  2. A new job.
  3. The dress/coat that I saw in The Pretty TwinTM’s Urban Outfitter’s catalogue.

Three things I definitely do not want to get for Christmas:

  1. Pink eye, like I did last year.
  2. Pregnant.
  3. A purse. I have plenty, and I have pretty specific tastes as to my purse-picking. Even with the afore-mentioned Coach bag, I would have to pick it out.

I’m not going to tag anyone. I’ve never played by the rules very well. Follow the leader if you want.

Stolen from Schmutzie.

December 19, 2006

I keep getting “outed” at my job.

First, I ran into a couple friend of my The Boy’s and I who live around [Retail Job] while I was working “The Worst Shift Ever…Shit Sandwich”. They asked, “Julia? What are you doing here?” [Believe me, I’m not fucking sure.]

Second, I saw a former teacher from eighth grade. Though she and I had a nice conversation until some cooze decided to be rude and snap her fucking fingers at me so I would wait on her.

Third, a woman who used to live on our street. I helped her pick a set of pearls for her daughter. She was pleasant.

And, fourth, a girl I graduated from high school with, got married in October of this year. I mean, she was pleasant and kind and whatnot, but I felt extremely uncomfortable in my lame retail job when I have a Business degree from a fairly decent university.

So, I’m on the lookout for a different job. I mean, it might not be fabulous and awesome, but it’s going to pay more, and at least I’m not going to run into anyone I know…and at least won’t be ashamed of it. I might as well face facts: to a certain extent, I’m a snob. I don’t expect everyone to have prestigious jobs, nor do I look down on anyone with such a job, or think any less of them. But I hate myself for having a shitty job that I took because it was better than unemployment, and am staying in because I was too lazy to put out resumes for a better one. I want to have a great wardrobe, good makeup and money. I’m not going to get that with a job at [Retail Job].

I would be able to take half of the complete shit I put up with if I were making more money. And any time I get lazy or complacent about the job search, all I have to do is look at my work schedule next week. Let’s face it: when you work retail, you get treated like shit. I didn’t spend all that time in school to be better educated and get screwed out of my lunch by a bunch of twits.

I like a lot of my coworkers, it’s a a good group to work with, and they are nice by themselves. But a few of them have no problem throwing you under the bus given the opportunity. My favorite has to have been when I watched the manager that hired me take a nice leisurely lunch (because she’s pregnant, and needs to feed the baby), and told me that instead of the lunch that I reasonably needed (now that I’m only able to eat 800 calories a day because I have no fucking time), I could only take 20 minutes (in which I was so fucking hungry, I took 25 minutes, because I couldn’t stop eating since I have only been eating 800 fucking calories a day).

I’m also really fucking sick of being scheduled alone in jewelry for 2 hours at a time with Christmas rush crowds!

I’m really trying not to hate this job.

December 13, 2006

Some days, when I was in Ashland, and when I look at Facebook photos of people who live in Ashland, there is nothing that I want more than to have a quiet life, in the country, out of the way, just enjoying life for what it is, and appreciating the simplicity.

But then there are days, when I am here, when I am home, and I see the women at Nordstrom’s, driving their Mercedes and BMWs and Lexus(s), and I want a high-powered, career life with nice clothes and a nice car, and a nice house.

I don’t know how to reconcile both. I don’t know where the comfortable mix is. And it’s harder since I got engaged. Do I take the easy way out and find a job at an office and get married and live prospectively, in Ashland (or Medina) forever? Or, do I wait to schedule a date for the wedding until I’ve gotten midway through my graduate studies, and hope that I can balance my aspiring career with that of The Boy’s? Who makes concessions for who?

I just don’t know.