NaBloPoMo ’06: Day Twenty Six

So, as for Christmas shopping, I’ve actually bought one (for my brother), I’ve put one on hold at [Retail Job] for The Boy, I know what I’m getting both my dad and mom. I’m paying for The Boy’s with [Retail Job]’s credit card, because I get an extra discount for opening one and making a purchase. I bought the brother’s using a checkcard. Since I have to buy both Mom and Dad’s on the internet, I’m going to use my credit card, since I have the income, and it’s safer than using the checkcard.

Speaking of which, I should probably open this month’s credit card statement. Which, honestly, isn’t me hiding from my credit responsibilities. It’s me not having enough hours in the day to open my mail when I come home from work.

I also purchased Christmas cards to send out this year, which makes me feel less poorly about being a total Scrooge with my money this Christmas. Now, it’s just a matter of making the Christmas cards list, writing them up, and sending them out.

…Oh, and finishing my applications to graduate school.