NaBloPoMo ’06: Day Twenty One

I’m trying to decompress after my first shift at [Retail Job], while I am at [Framing Job].? My boss at [Framing Job] wants to know my availability the day after I found out that I’m working a 36-hour week next week.? I have no availability, and I’m too cowardly to say anything to her about having [Retail Job].

My mother is right, in part, it’s my [Framing Job] boss’s fault that she doesn’t have help, because her definition of “help” was so ambiguous and fluid when I didn’t have this other job, that it drove me to get this other job.? And now, [Retail Job] is giving me?hours of substance, and I can’t work my original [Framing] job.? But, still, I’m completely paranoid that [Framing Job] boss will find out about my moonlighting and get pissed because I got a second job.? I don’t know why I let my worries of others’ displeasure get in my way.? I have a hard time saying, “My life, my rules.”

Sigh.? I’m back to the point of working where I’m sick of this shit, and I’m perusing the community college’s registratin website to see what kind of classes I can take full-time.

Oh, and for people who have found me using the Randomizer, my shower routine in order of tasks (clean…no pun intended):

  • get wet,
  • use cold cream to take my makeup off,
  • use acne wash on my face,
  • shampoo my hair and wash it out,
  • put conditioner in my hair,
  • while conditioner is in my hair, I either,
    • shave my legs/underarms
    • brush my teeth,
    • bodywash, then
  • rinse the conditioner out,
  • and I’m done

I had something else to say, but I lost it.? I’m too tired.? I have to take my cell phone back to Alltel because the battery won’t hold a charge (but I have to find it first); and I have to go back to [Retail Job] to buy black dress socks and exchange the sweater I bought for the one they have on hold before it goes back to regular stock.