NaBloPoMo: Day Sixteen

Since starting NaBloPoMo, I’ve gotten less commenting on my entries than I have when I was writing intermittently, if ever writing at all. That said, I’ve gotten a single comment from someone out in the blogosphere, who saw me either on the main listing or from the NaBloPoMo Randomizer. So, the conclusions that I’m going to draw from this informal research are:

  1. my friends only have something to comment on when they don’t have to read about it that often, and
  2. it’s true: no one really gives a shit about what I had for lunch.

But, I have been surfing the randomizer, and I did find Schmutzie, who I was reading when I was still at Diaryland, so that was neat. It’s like finding an old friend on the internet, and by friend, I mean “someone whose blog I lurked about pathetically like a stalker”.

I guess that’s my pithy evaluation of NaBloPoMo thus far. I’m a woman of few words.